The People’s House ~ by David Pepper

This is the book which kinda-sorta in a way  predicted the current Russia election scandal – without specifics but with heavy duty big issues.   It’s political fiction and a thriller to boot in addition to having been published two months BEFORE our most recent election,  the focus is slightly different than matters which have come up in the news recently, but Politco comments on all that:

Politico says it “reads like a user’s guide to the past two years in U.S. politics.” –  Yup – kind of.   And Politico also notes that it was first self-published,  then noticed by the Wall Street Journal and finally picked up by St. Helena Press.   This explains the two versions.

I got it the Audible version on the recommendation of my son,  but after I started reading I realized I needed the Kindle version to go with it because the time frames change from chapter to chapter and it’s hard to pay attention to that  when listening only.


The People’s House
by David Pepper
2016-2017 /  285 pages
read by Jon Eric Preston –  11h 2m 
rating:  A  / political thriller
(#1 of 2 in Jack Sharpe series)

The two versions reflect a certain “polishing” by the author –  that’s really the only difference although it shows up a lot.

For authenticity,  the author, David Pepper,  ran for public office  in Ohio and is currently the chairman of the Democratic Party there which is also  the setting of the book.

There are several points of view in this pretty fast-paced and very enjoyable novel.    the first person protagonist is a reporter named Jack Sharpe who is divorced with a grown  son.   Sharpe covers politics for the particular beat is politics.  But then the chapters skip around between that frame story taking place on specific days after the election and a couple of prior time frames dealing with events prior to the election.

The issues of the election are the same ones which plagued the 2016 election:   gerry-mandering and Russian involvement,   but the focus is on actual computer fraud via rigged electronic voting machines.   And there’s oil involved – and greed and lust for power and women and other matters.

This is a crime as well as political thriller – certain people die suddenly in car crashes

“For political and current-event junkies, this book is a heart-pounding must-read.  I almost missed a flight connection because I just could not put it down.  David Pepper has written an irresistible page turner that combines mystery and thrill, politics and power.  When you get your copy, clear your schedule: You won’t be able to do anything else!”
– Jennifer Granholm, former Governor, Michigan
And there’s a sequel – The Wingman – published in February of 2018 –  not on Audible though.   Hmmmm….
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