Out of Africa (abridged) ~ by Isak Denison  

I grabbed it when I saw it as an Audible Daily Deal not noticing it was an abridged version –  eeks!   But, oh well …   it was very cheap and made a nice break while reading China Mieville’s October and Who We Are and How We Got Here by David Reich,  both of which are nonfiction and fairly complex.  And it will give me a substantial idea of what the whole thing will read like.   Because yes,  it did convince me that I should.


Out of Africa   (abridged) 
by Isak Denison  
1937 (original 1st published) 
read by Julie Harris 2h  57m
rating –  (nr) /  abridged memoir

It was on sale so I didn’t notice it was abridged.   Oh well –  I did get a good taste of this widely renowned classic I’ve often wanted to read.  I think I saw the movie a long time ago,  but …

I’m often leery of abridged versions but this is beautiful although I understand there is more to the story.   It’s a memoir of Karen Blixen  (maiden name of Dinesen) written  and it covers her years in Kenya where she ran a coffee farm.

She wrote this memoir (the longer version) 6 years after she had to leave Africa and her lover had died –  then the coffee plantation failed.  It was a tragic time for Dinesen.



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2 Responses to Out of Africa (abridged) ~ by Isak Denison  

  1. Dagny says:

    i have a trade paperback that I’ve been meaning to read for a number of years. Grabbed it when I saw it since I loved the movie.

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  2. I think I might read the whole thing – it’s NOT a love story like the movie. It’s much better than that.

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