The Monk of Mokha ~ by Dave Eggers

This book by Dave Eggers just caught my eye.  I enjoyed Zeitoun many years ago and actually gave copies away for World Book Night in 2012.   I also read his 2000 memoir,  A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.  



The Monk of Mokha
by Dave Eggers
2018 / 375 pages
read by Dion Graham – 8h 17m
rating:   8 / nonfiction 

Interesting book –  it’s the third in Eggers’  series of stories about American immigrants in trouble –  “Zeitoun” is the basically true story of a Syrian immigrant, a successful businessman,  and his family in New Orleans at the time of Katrina.  And the first book of the series is fiction,  “What is the What?” about a Sudanese boy who journeys from his homeland in the war-torn Sudan  to safety.

In Monk of Mokha the American son of Yemeni immigrants has the idea to bring Yemeni coffee back to greatness.   He has some harrowing adventures getting his business of coffee importing going from training growers in Yemen to getting investors to actually getting the beans out.   It’s pretty good.

I was Googling and after finding Blue Bottle Coffee on line I suddenly got ads in Facebook for them.  LOL! –   I like coffee but …   This is the stuff which sells for $16 a cup in the upscale coffee houses of the world.

Mokhtar Alkhanshali’s Port of Mokha

Blue Bottle with Interview:

Btw,   our protagonist here has been recently (May 1) taken to court over the his business practices.

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