Before He Finds Her ~ by Michael Kardos

On sale again – filling in time between reading group selections.  This is pretty good although there  are parts which are tedious,  I suppose.

The premise is great –  a 17-year old girl has been living just outside a very small West Virginia town, in hiding with her aunt and uncle since her father killed her mother 14 years prior. Her aunt and uncle are somewhat paranoid about Melanie’s being found by her father who is still at large.   She was home-schooled and not allowed any internet access,  but in her senior year she went to public high school to graduate and is now attending a local college.   She’s also dating a teacher from the high school.

Then she gets pregnant and decides she does not want her child to live in hiding like she did.  And she goes on a search for the answers – in search of her father.

before he.jpg
Before He Finds Her
by Michael Kardos
2016 / 384 pages
read by Julia Whelan – 10h 30m
rating –  B / crime

The book starts out great,  gets a bit blah in the middle,  and then picks up again.  It’s a pretty standard story arc.

The action goes from the present day and what’s happening in Melanie’s search for her father,   back to what happened 14 years ago.  The pace picks up in both threads as they come together in time.  The opening section is told by the blog entry of an old journalist who was fascinated by the case – that part is very nicely done.

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