The Inner Life of Animals: ~ by Peter Wohlleben /  

Selected by the Allnonfiction Reading Group for our May read,  I figured I would enjoy this tremendously because of The Hidden Life of Trees (link to my review) –   Ah well – it isn’t quite as good,  but it’s very interesting and nicely written.  It’s really just an anecdote filled memoir than a serious exploration of what science is finding out these days –

The Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief, and Compassion — Surprising Observations of a Hidden World

by Peter Wohlleben /  translated by Jane Billinghurst
2017/ 272 pages
rating:  7  / science

The author,  his wife and sons went to live in a cabin near the German forests where they kept chickens and goats and horses and so on.   Wohlleben is a very careful observer and so when he feeds the animals he doesn’t just put the grub out there – he watches it get eaten.

And he tells us of about what he has seen in his world of animals and what he thinks about and some of what researchers have found to this point.  As the subtitle says,  it’s a book of observations.

The chapters include

Selfless Mother Love
Loving People
Anybody Home
Pig Smarts
Lies and Deception
Stop, Thief

It’s an interesting book,  lightish, chatty, engaging but not terribly compelling for me for some reason – it took me a few days to finish because I found myself reading other stuff or doing other things.   It’s kind of fun though.


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4 Responses to The Inner Life of Animals: ~ by Peter Wohlleben /  

  1. Carmen says:

    Maybe not that compelling but it sounds interesting nonetheless. Farmers can be very good observers of nature, even if they lack the academic knowledge. 😉

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    • Indeed and this “farmer” has the academic knowledge to back up and expand on what he writes. It is a very interesting book.


      • Carmen says:

        If you are looking for one that includes latest research I could recommend an e-book titled Amazing Animals; it is a collection on latest research on animal behavior published in Scientific American. I bought it not that long ago on Amazon on sale; I don’t know if it is still cheap, but if you’re interested you can search. I haven’t read it yet, but it was very appealing from the premise I read. 🙂

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  2. I think Amazon doesn’t even carry it anymore – I did find it on the Scientific American site – it looks kind of interesting. Thanks. 🙂


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