The Good Lawyer ~ by Thomas Benigno

Taking place in 1982,  Nick Mannino is just out of law school and working in legal aid for low income clients when he gets a case where he truly believes the client is innocent of sexually molesting the young boys as he’s accused of doing.


The Good Lawyer 
by Thomas Benigno
2012 / 346 pages
read by Dan Triandiflou  – 9h 38m
rating:  B+ /  crime – legal

NIck is young,  ambitious and wants to prove he can be a successful lawyer – getting away from his family’s involvement with a Long Island based crime syndicate.   He’s in love, too.

The story has some twists and turns,  interesting although graphic in places.  It’s pretty good but not great at all.  I may be getting burned out on legal thrillers.

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4 Responses to The Good Lawyer ~ by Thomas Benigno

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    They’re all written to be made into movies, aren’t they?


    • I think so – I don’t go though. I think I see the impact in more action-packed books with great visuals. You can just see the movie in your head, or you wonder how they’d do that.


  2. Carmen says:

    I agree with Lisa.


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