Holy the Firm ~ by Annie Dillard

Holy the Firm just struck me as something I wanted to read.  I read Pilgrim at Tinker Creek ages and ages ago and loved it.    This is a bit different,  it’s Dillard on Lummi Island seeking 1. God in the now and finding that God IS the day;  2. understanding God and pain along with life and forgetting;  and  3. Julie Norwich, a burned girl and how we are all victims.


Holy the Firm
by Annie Dillard
1977 / 76 pages
rating:  10  /  nonfiction –  spiritual 

After writing Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Dillard left suburban Virginia to spend three days in a cabin on a remote island in Puget Sound – the edge of the world and the beginning of darkness,  to seek God.  She found him –  and a cat and a spider  and pain.

These are three essays which she wrote over the two years following that trip.

Dillard writes like an angel studying up on hell.  I’m not sure what I expected – this wasn’t it.  Nevertheless it’s an incredible meditation on what it means to search for God and a plane crashes –


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