Rest You Merry ~ by Charlotte MacLeod

Professor Peter Shandy of Balaclava Agricultural College decorated his campus house in an outrageous manner for the annual Christmas Illumination fundraiser and then he left town.   Unfortunately,  he was forced to return early and thus discovered the dead body of assistant librarian, Jemimah Aimes,  behind a couch in his living room.  It looks like the opinionated Jemimah  was trying to “fix” the gaudy decorations and had an accident,  but there was apparently more to it than that.   Shandy sees the problem right away – there’s a missing marble.



Rest You Merry
by Charlotte MacLeod
2012/ 182 pages
read by John McLain
rating –  B  (adequate for a Christmas read) / mystery

This is a rather cute little campus oriented who-done-it and fun for what it is.   MacLeod develops some  decent characters and uses humorous dialogue.  Can’t give it much of rating but I wasn’t hugely disappointed, either.

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