Care Homes Are Murder ~ by Mike Befeler

It’s a really stupid series but it’s really light and sometimes,  like after a few difficult books in a row,  it’s about all I can stand.

Paul Jacobsen is an octogenarian with a strange ailment – he loses his short term memory overnight.  This means he doesn’t remember anything he did during one day on the following day and that presents problems.  He knows his name but not where he’s staying (often traveling) and not even his wife’s name because they married after he had had this difficulty.


Care Homes Are Murder
by Mike Befeler
2016 / 268 pages
read by Jerry Sciario / 7h 24m
rating:   B  (but funny if you’re a fan)

So on this family trip to Hawaii Paul finds a hand floating in the ocean.  Then the body shows up.   There are also drug dealers (medical marijuana is legal) another death and the usual shenanigans.

Paul is his wise-cracking self, taking nothing seriously while Jennifer,  Paul’s precocious 12-year old granddaughter is at the heart of the solution.   Purely entertainment – fluff. But I’ll likely read the next one.  lol

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