The Traitor’s Story ~ by Kevin Wignall

It was really all because of Finn Harrington messy past life as a spy that Hailey Portman, a bright and well behaved 15-year old and Finn’s neighbor,  went missing.   She had been gone from her home in Geneva for several days when her very worried parents,  feeling it was more than what the police called a “simple runaway,”  contacted Finn to see if he could help.   By this time in his life Finn had created a new life as a writer of popular history books.  But Hailey’s mother was friends with Finn’s partner,  Adrienne and who had mentioned that Finn had some kind of spying experience and was “very smart.”


The Traitor’s Story
by Kevin Wignall
2016 / 384 pages
read by Simon Vance 10h 2m
rating:  A+ 

Finn’s interest is piqued by the fact that it really doesn’t look like Hailey was abducted,  but rather,  she carefully and deliberately planned her own disappearance.  Yes,  a runaway,  but to Finn,  with some possibly more sinister ramifi-cations. –  First,  he’s got reason to be nervous about his own security and,  second,  he’s possibly a bit paranoid.   There may be people still after him and he doesn’t like these kinds of situations.

So we naturally have the backstory of Finn’s experience in the spy biz – what got him in trouble six years prior,  and why he’s now trying to lay low.  The thread dealing with his past pops in every once in awhile to add some texture and the requisite background.

Jonas,  Hailey’s incredibly smart friend and neighbor,  provides quite a lot of information and Finn puts a lot of it together with his own suspicions.  It seems the teenagers have hacked the computer network of yet another neighbor named Gibson who was,  indeed,  keeping an eye on Finn for other people and that thread leads to some very interesting shenanigans.

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