Since I Fell ~ by Dennis Lehane

Oh I was ready for a good juicy page-turning crime novel and it looks like the choice of the 4-Mystery Addicts group is just the thing.   I read one book by Lehane,  Mystic River,   years ago and enjoyed it,  but missed everything he wrote since.   The tension does not let up from the Prologue to the last sentences so I just took the day off from life and listened.


Since We Fell
by Dennis Lehane
2017 / 432 pages
read by Julia Whelan – 12h 2m
rating  B+ / crime

In the Prologue we know Rachel at some point shoots her husband but …  that tells us almost nothing.   I forgot about it.   The mother’s influence was more important in the Prologue.

Part I:  – up to 2012 or so (the Haiti earthquake)   Rachel Childs,  now a television reporter,  was raised by her brilliant but somewhat demented single mother,  Elizabeth Childs who held a PhD in psychology and was also a popular author.  When her mother died Rachel wanted to find her father,  the name of whom Elizabeth never divulged –  the man Elizabeth had “expunged” from their lives.

She finds her mother’s ex-husband  who had served as her father,  but that was a false lead.  Elizabeth had apparently been seriously nuts,  maybe evil.   She continues to look for her father and finds him but he’s dead.    Brian is in this chapter but as a minor player – a temporary boyfriend –  she marries Sebastian goes to Haiti and elsewhere  for her job and has some really traumatic experiences.

So far we have two unrelated episodes – her mother’s influence and finding her father plus her professional life ending in a breakdown and later a divorce.

Lehane is a master of suspense and twisted plots and it shows.  The story starts again.   Brian Delacroix shows up again and again  – kind of creepy,  almost stalking Rachel but says he loves her.  Rachel goes for men who are safe,  or so she thinks,  but Brian is not a safe guy – or is Rachel also paranoid?


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2 Responses to Since I Fell ~ by Dennis Lehane

  1. Pat Roehr says:

    Becky, if you have not read “Shutter Island, run, do not walk…
    I loved Mystic River, but Shutter Island puts it in the shade.


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