Blood, Salt, Water ~ by Denise Mina

We’re not in Glasgow for this book in the series,   but in the nearby community of Helensburgh where a woman is being murdered and is subsequently thrown into the water.  One of the murderers,  gets haunted by his conscience.

Then in the second chapter,  Alex Morrow  (of the prior 5 novels in this series)  and her current partner in detection get called in to headquarters when a child telephones to report that his mother is missing.   This is not just any mother –  it’s Roxanna Fuentecilla, a “person of interest” in money laundering or drug sales or something – the national police aren’t sure,  but they’ve been watching her and her monied ways for some time.   Now she’s missing?

blood jpg.jpg

Blood, Salt, Water
by Denise Mina  (Scotland) 
2016/304 pages
read by Cathleen McCarron
rating:   C+  /  crime (procedural) 

Helensburgh is a touristy upscale community which is not too far from home for the detectives.  It’s on the edge of Loch Loman – and a body washes up later.

There are a lot of characters and a good twisty plot so what’s my problem?   First, dialects are hard for me to understand,  and second,  the plot is pretty murky with various sorts of characters with various sorts of  legal issues all running around.  And I really didn’t like switching back and forth between the suspects’ point of view  and the cops when I’m  reading a procedural.   The suspects in this case are sometimes presented as being really sympathetic.  This isn’t a “rule” or a generalization because when I do that a book pops up doing that very thing and I love it.   I just didn’t this time – there were too many other difficulties.

That said,  when I really paid very good attention,  I enjoyed it quite a lot.

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