I’m Traveling Alone by Samuel Bjork

Finding another rather dark Scandinavian thriller is pretty fun and the 1st of a series,   too.  It’s good – a lot of the same elements as other Scandinavian thrillers including child endangerment, the horrors of fundamentalist churches and detectives with troubled lives.  But there are also some new ones here – the place of journalism for instance.


I’m Traveling Alone
by Samuel Bjork  – Norwegian
2013 (2016 English) / 400 pages
read by Laura Paton
rating:   A- / crime 
(#1 in the Munch and Krüger series.

This first in a series almost feels like it’s a couple books into the series as there is a fair amount of talk and background.  Some of the main characters on the Oslo squad have relationships which are obviously in progress but I think that’s because we’re  deliberately dropped into some situations.

The major characters are Oslo police investigators Holger Munch and Mia Krüger – they work with an interesting group including a wonderful young computer nerd/hacker,  Gabrielle Mørk, who is very capable.  Another focus character is Lucas, a young man who works with a strangely pious minister and although there is quite a lot of character development for Lucas,   but the pieces are all connected  isn’t revealed until the end. It’s like who did what –

The story line has to do with little 6-year old girls who are found dead – it’s a serial killer thing which I usually detest but this time was fine – not too gritty and no sex  – the crimes themselves are not detailed.

There’s a certain amount of predictability,  but the eventual twist and then the untangling of it all was well done.

The second book in this series,  The Owl Always Hunts at Night,  is due out in English in June, 2017.

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