Sleeping on Jupiter by Anuradha Roy

I haven’t read a book by Anuradha Roy since God of Small Things back in 1999 or so.   I enjoyed that well enough and I don’t know why I haven’t read her more recent works.  Then Sleeping on Jupiter made the Long List for the Man Booker Prize (2015).  But it took a long time to get published in the US so I wasn’t able to read it and then I procrastinated.  Now it’s come up for a reading group.  (smile)


Sleeping on Jupiter
by Anuradha Roy
2015/ 256 pages
read by Deepti Gupta 7h 45m
rating:   6
The tale opens with the 1st person tale of Nomi,  a 6-year old girl whose family was brutally murdered when a group of guerrilla fighters attacked their village.  She is taken to an “orphanage” and then to an ashram.  There the guru whom everyone adores molests her and other orphaned girls  in really disgusting ways.

This section is followed by the story of four older tourist women visiting the Ashram and which is followed by Nomi again but as an adult visiting India and the Ashram along with a film crew.   These stories are interwoven regularly along with those of  a couple other minor characters.

Because we know early on that Nomi has been adopted by a family in Norway we know she survives – the tale is about betrayal,  revenge and closure along with Roy’s determination to enlighten her readers on the reality of child abuse in India.

Why did I give it such a high rating? –  It’s well written and there is a good supply of tension.  It’s simply disgusting imo.  I don’t think you need all those details and graphic descriptions to raise awareness.   Maybe it was there to impress the judges of the award givers – they seem to appreciate it going by the last few years.

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