I’m pretty happy with my reading except that I’d like to read a few more translated works than I did this year as well as a bit more non-fiction and works by women.  That’s how I feel now – I usually read what strikes my fancy and check the totals later.  But I could cut down on the getting-to-be-redundant crime fiction and look for something a bit more interesting.

imagesAlso,  I think I’ve discovered a way in which my records could be improved.   While comparing notes with my old friend Sue at Whispering Gums I see she split her totals into international (non-Australian) books, too.   I’ve only been keeping track of English or translated books – and that’s not counting books from  Nigeria or India or even Australia because those usually start out in English.    lol –   I’ve tried tags but keep forgetting.

I keep track in each month – click the little month in the menu at the top of each page to get a rundown of the reviews kept from that month.  After one year it goes by years. Because of the ongoing totals I can incorporate that pretty easily.  I think I could probably post my monthly summaries here as blog entries.

Anyone here have any resolutions for the new year?  –  (Anything I could use? –  lol)

Ah well – here’s to Health and Happy Reading in 2017!




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9 Responses to Resolutions?

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    LOL I have a gazillion blog categories and tags to track stuff and I have an Excel file as well so that I can sort things. It all depends how obsessive you want to be!


    • Oh dear – lol – yes, I suppose I could get downright OCD about it. But – I do keep a couple of ongoing challenge lists which I try to fill in for my own little information. All this record keeping could cut into my reading time!

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  2. Dagny says:

    You should pick a translated work to lead at 19thCenturyLit! We are always pushing the non-Brit works because they seem to dominate (and I am guilty too of choosing those authors often).

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  3. DebraB says:

    My main reading-related resolution is to keep track of what I have read and to blog more consistently about my reading. Otherwise, everything becomes such a blur in my head. 🙂

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    • That’s why I started! I could never keep a paper log of my reads so when I got online and the old Geocities started up – so did I. That was in 1997 or so and I’ve crashed and left it alone and started up again and moved and here I am with WordPress for about 6 or 7 years. Give it a try!

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      • DebraB says:

        I think that I will at least keep a list of all the books I read in 2017, even if I don’t do a full post on them. (Sometimes I just don’t have the time or energy for a post.)

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  4. Record-keeping does cut into reading time but I think it is worth it in terms of getting an overview of your reading. The question is how much of an overview do you want? For me the main issues are gender, nationality and of course indigenous Australian. I’d love to track more but the time is the issue.

    I don’t make “real” reading resolutions but in my head there are four goals I’ve had over the last few years: read (and review) more, read more indigenous writes, read more translated/non-anglo fiction, and read more from the TBR. I usually do poorly in them all though I did achieve an increase in the first one in 2016..

    And, thanks for the mention and link, Bekah.

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