Write to Die by Charles Rosenberg

Sometimes the inexpensive ones are really good!   On sale with a further reduction,  this is a legal procedural more than a thriller, although there are certain thriller moments.  I love legal procedurals and thrillers.   They’re usually a basic form of  who-done-it and they don’t often have a lot of gore.  Also, they’re sometimes a bit more challenging what with the courtroom aspects.



Write to Die 
by Charles Rosenberg
2016 / 480 pages
read by Will Damron 
rating:  B / legal thriller

Rory Calburton is a young,  but rather serious-minded  partner in a firm which specializes in entertainment law in Los Angeles.  Meanwhile, Sarah Gold, a very smart, young and  beautiful new associate in the firm as well as a private investigator,  has some self-control issues,   These two try to work together but their temperaments are not naturally compatible.

One morning Rory gets a phone call from Joe Stanton,  the owner of a film production firm whose legal issues are handled by Rory’s company.   When Rory gets to Stanton’s office he finds the man dead – murdered right in his office.  To complicate things,   Stanton’s business is involved in a lawsuit (using Rory’s company) concerning a movie script supposedly plagiarized from a now reclusive film star.

That starts things rolling,  but when the the head of Rory’s firm, Hal Harold, is charged with the murder of Stanton and Gold starts her extra-curricular  escapades the pace really picks up.

It’s a fun book – full of a lot of legal proceedings all twisted up with deceptions and more deceptions.  Sarah adds a bit of physical excitement and the author and narrator keep it very interesting with their writing and reading.   It’s not perfect – a few too many coincidences for my tastes, but if you’re a fan of legal crime this is a good one.

I’ve got 2 more Rosenberg books to read – Long Knives and Paris Ransom – but the reviews don’t sound like they’re nearly as good as this one.  I read his Death on a High Floor a few years ago and loved it.  I look forward to the next.

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2 Responses to Write to Die by Charles Rosenberg

  1. Seyi sandra says:

    I like this, I might get myself a copy for Christmas and read it. Have a great week.


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