Between Black and White

This is a sequel in many ways so make sure you read book 1, The Professor, prior to this one. The main character in Between Black and White, Beau Haynes, is introduced in The Professor and a few of the other characters continue.

Haynes is a black lawyer who grew up in a town called Pulaski Tennessee, went to Alabama for college and returned to Pulaski to practice law. This book opens with a Prologue in which Beau sees his father lynched by the KKK in 1966. Beau’s mission in moving back to the town is to ferret out and convict those involved – in other words, get revenge.

Between Black and White
by Robert Bailey
2015/ 398 pages
read by Eric G. Dove
rating – B+

By 2011, the bad guys are old used up racists who want only to cover their tracks. One is dead, one is quite rich but dying, Beau has had very unpleasant interactions with some of them, been violently harassed by some. Then one night after Beau threatened Andy Walton, one of lynchers, Andy turns up dead in a very violent manner – lynched and set afire. Beau is obviously arrested.

Beau calls The Professor, Tom McMurtrie, and Rick Drake from the prior book, The Professor, to represent him. Some of the actual story also relates to the prior book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve really enjoyed these books, but the references to old football heroics and women routinely described in relation to their “attractiveness” get to me. Meanwhile, the men are either described in relation to their football talents or age and sexual abilities, or they’re not described physically. Also there are the same really sleazy bad guys and strip clubs. The good guys, McMurtrie, Drake and Dawn continue to draw me in.

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