The Trespasser by Tana French

Detectives Antoinette Conway and Steve Moran  from French’s prior novel,  The Secret Place are the protagonists in this novel of the  “Dublin Murder Squad” series except that Antoinette is featured this time.  Moran was one of the 1st person protagonists in that book but this time it’s Antoinette as the first person and takes place probably 7 or 8 months later.

The Trespasser
by Tana French
2016 / 464 pages
rating A + /  crime
(6th in Dublin Murder Squad series) 

Already this is different from the prior books in the series which each focus on a different officer in the department and along with the murder mystery there is a good heavy dose of psychological suspense.  I think French has outdone herself with The Trespasser.

The plot:   Aislinn Morris, a pretty youngish  and, come to find out, very complex single woman is found rather brutally murdered in her apartment.  On the case is Antoinette with Steve as her partner.   Antoinette also has an interesting  past.  Both detectives are single and although they usually work well together, Antoinette has some problems with most of the males in the department – but she might be a bit paranoid, too, as well as angry.

Checking out the information,  Aislinn has a very good girlfriend who knew some of what she was up to and points them in the direction of Rory Fallon,  a young bookstore owner Aislinn had been seeing.   They pick him up for questioning and he has a peculiar story – they get pretty hard on him – (very hard on him, actually), but he continues to stick to his story.  Still,  what other possibilities are there?  –   The pair does some speculating about other possibilities and a kind of theory develops which they really want to believe but …well … Antoinette does tend toward the paranoid side so what is the truth –  there seem to be several alternatives.

This is a really, really good novel,  it feels somewhat padded in places and gets a teeny bit draggy in the long police interviews and  speculative conversations between the detectives,  but it all holds together and kept me up very late – very late.

These are the novels in The Dublin Murder Squad series with little descriptions of each – no spoilers.  I’ve read them all in order but the order is not necessary.  That said,  I’ve enjoyed them more as the series has gone along.

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