Saving Jason by Michael Sears

I guess I’m following this series but it’s taken a turn for the mediocre.  I loved the financial shenanigans the protagonist,  Jason Stafford,  sorted out and I truly enjoyed the character of Jason’s young autistic son and Jason’s troubles with him.   Good thing the child is still around because ever since the first couple books in the series (and this is only #4) the financial aspects have shriveled.


Saving Jason
(#4 in Jason Stafford series)  

by Michael Sears
2016/ 360 pages
read by David Chandler 
rating:  C+ / crime  – thriller

This time Jason has landed in a story with quite a number of animals,  from buffalo to snakes,  and in the wild desert west.  This is not his normal milieu – he belongs in New York.

Similar to book 3 in the series, Long Way Down, the fascinating financial issues get fluffed out by lengthy chase and jeopardy scenes.   I’m truly not interested in that stuff  and in this book it goes there more quickly and more often.

Oh well –  the basics are the threat of a hostile take-over of his company but it gets mixed up with a Grand Jury hearing and witness protection and some really bad people after Jason (who was once in prison for securities fraud).  Then Jason’s autistic son disappears.  Yikes.

The best parts of these books are the interaction with the son and the financial shenanigans.   I can find chase in any thriller.   Yes,  I probably will read the next one as I get hooked on these over-arching plots.

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