The Advocate’s Daughter by Anthony Franze

I finished this just after midnight last night so it’s the first book of April.

Sean Serratt,  a high-power attorney and a short-list contender for a newly open seat on the Supreme Court  has some bad old secrets. They’re really old,  from his high school days in Japan,  but also really bad.  Nobody,  not even his wife,  knows what he did, where, to whom, or why.  He has lived an exemplary life ever since and is now in the upper circles of power.    And then apparently,  someone knows.  But other people have secrets, too.  Everyone in Washington has  secrets,  or so it seems.

The Advocate’s Daughter
by Anthony Franze
2016/ 317 pages
read by Robert Patkoff – 9h 2m
rating:  A

Serrat’s lovely and intelligent daughter goes missing but is found pretty quickly – her apartment has been trashed and her body lies dead in the Supreme Court library.  The police almost immediately arrest Abby’s boyfriend,  an upper class black law clerk,  who loudly proclaims his innocence.   And what with a few other strange things going on – about Abby,  about Serrat’s son,  about computer messages –  Serrat begins to believe someone else was behind the killing and needs to know the truth – even in the midst of  profound family grief, intense media interest, and even some police scrutiny.

This is a really gripping , midnight-oil kind of family and legal thriller  – Franze writes well, keeping the tension up and the plot twisting with nicely drawn characters and fast-paced dialogue.  The Supreme Court setting adds intrigue and Serrat’s family issues add a great family touch.

I  wasn’t entirely thrilled with the ending but the tale had to wind up some way –

Good review by Philip Margolan at

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