Betrayal: A Dismas Hardy Novel

This is one of the very few John Lescroart books I’d not read,  avoiding it becuase of the war-type subject matter.  But I finally needed a Lescroart/Hardy fix,  especially with Collacci reading,  so I broke down.  I’m glad I did

The story opens with a couple scenes where Dismas Hardy gets the cases of Charlie Bowen, a recently “disappeared” attorney who was handling some appeals.   Then it goes into backstory for the long tale of Evan  Scholler, a lieutenent in the US Army,  and Ron Nolan, Navy SEAL special contractor.

betrayalBetrayal:  A Dismas Hardy Novel
by John Lescroart / 2008
(#12 in the Dismas Hardy series)
read by David Collacci  14h 43m
rating:   B+


Back in 2003 when young Evan Scholler was a soldier serving in the Iraq war he met a Navy Seal contractor named  Ron Nolan who seemed ot have some seriously shady tones.  Scholler is trying to get back together with his girlfriend, Tara Wheatley,  so since Ron is going to San Francisco anyway, he will hand deliver a letter for Evan.

But Ron ends up lying and dating Tara – apparently murdering a mugger who interferes.  We then know for sure that Ron is a very bad guy even if the girlfriend thinks he saved her life.

That takes up 2+ hours of the book.  Then we switch to Abe Glitsky, a black, Jewish seargent at the police department.  Glitsky is a good friend of Dismas Hardy who is now a lawyer (but worked with Glitsky early in the series).   Because the next thing we know, another an ex-Navy SEAL is found dead of a broken neck in an alley.  It’s not about robbery.

And we go back to corruption in Iraq – (sigh) – The US seems to have some lying  and greedy wildcat contract cowboys,  both on its hands.    And another hour or so for the war effort –  (ho-hum)  There is some underlying tension about who will die next – or will he just be hurt – but the emphasis is on an anti-war statement Lescroart wants to make.  Okay – me too – against the war – you’re preaching to the choir.  Now let’s get on with a story?  –  I especially enjoy legal thriller with Dismas Hardy involved.

Finally, about half-way through the book, the plot starts thickening.  And it’s slow but steady build-up until we get back to Dismas Hardy and his stack of appeals – one of which concerns Evan Scholler and Ron Nolan (amongst others).

Good book –  I especially enjoyed the Dismas Hardy parts and if you get this one out of order htere really isn’t much “series plot” to be lost in –  it’s Dismas and his second wife,  Glitzky and his second wife – etc.  They are really,  really minor players.

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