The Fear Artist

fearartisThe Fear Artist
by Timothy Hallinan
2012/ 342 pages
read by Victor Bovine – 12h 2m
rating:   A / crime

Poke Rafferty – a travel writer living in Bangkok with his Thai wife, Rose,  and their adopted daughter, Miao.  is in real trouble now because although Poke was minding his own business a man lands in Poke’s arms,  gets shot and dies.  Just before dying the man whispers the words,  “Eleanor,”  “Eckersley”  and “Cheyenne.”   He also drops a laundry ticket which Poke is able to pocket.

The police arrive, haul the dying man away, deny there was a shooting and harass Poke about his papers.  He gets home and tries to get on with his painting, but the police arrive there and this time Poke is taken in and interrogated rather harshly.  Nevertheless, he manages to be released.  During his absence his apartment has been searched and the cops are returning yet again.  This time he escapes out the window and starts living as a fugitive on the streets of Bangkok while looking for answers.   Meanwhile,  Rose and Miaow are up north visiting her relatives to escape the intense rains which threaten to flood the river and city. >>>>MORE (no spoilers)>>>> 

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