Avenue of Mysteries

avenueAvenue of Mysteries
by John Irving
2015 / 480 pages
read by Armando Duran  20h 50m
rating: 7.5 /  general fiction – humorous

I started listening to the sample and it sounded so good – wonderful – two kids in a dump in Mexico with one teaching himself how to read and the other learning from him – one older extraordinarily intelligent, the younger strangely insightful – and the Catholic church priests take such a loving interest.   I almost bought the Kindle version to go along with the Audible,  but I fortunately scanned a brief review first and –  um … I don’t think so.  It was going to be all I could do to get through the Audible because  it’s Irving up to his usual circus tricks –  sex and love amongst the crippled or elderly, general weirdness, animals, dreams,  and some Catholic bashing. (ho-hum)  >>>>MORE (no spoilers)>>>>

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