Safe House

safehouseSafe House
by Chris Ewan (Brit)
2011 / 448 pages
read by Simon Vance  10h 53m
rating B+  / crime

The story starts out with a bang and Rob Hale,  our 1st person protagonist,  finds himself in the hospital following a motorcycle wreck.  The trouble is that Lena,  the drop-dead gorgeous young woman who was his passenger, (or he thought was his passenger)  is not there – the doctor tells him there was no passenger found.

A bit of a back story shows that Lena was a rather mysterious character and Hale had only known her for a very short time,  a matter of hours.

Turns out someone, or everyone perhaps, is hiding something –  it starts with who called the ambulance,  goes on to who picked up Lena,  and who were those other people in the house where he met Lena?  But there’s the question of who is Lena anyway and why is she apparently being hidden away?  Was she escaping when she asked Hale to take her for a ride?  >>>>MORE (no spoilers)>>>>

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