Gate of Angels

gateofGate of Angels
by Penelope Fitzgerald
1990 / 178 pages
rating – 9
(2nd reading)

I forgot a bunch so I had to reread – I knew what was going on and what was coming up,  so it was deeper than a recollection memory.  But I focused more on the themes this time – the first time just trying to get ahold of the plot and characters.

I like the setting,  pre-WWI in Cambridge, and the main characters,  Fred Fairly and Daisy Saunders.  I enjoyed the plot of how those two finally got together although there were obstacles.

On second reading I was more interested in the themes of religion vs science in the earl 20th century when invisible forces were wondered about,  atoms and ghosts and so on.  Also of note is the subtle feminist tone which pervades parts of the book.   >>>>MORE (no spoilers) >>>> 

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