The Short Drop

dropThe Short Drop
by Matthew FitzSimmons
2015 /  395 pages
read by James Patrick Cronin –  11h 54m
rating:  A++  /   thriller crime – political/techie

Ahhhh!   🙂

Ten years prior to the main story line Senator Benjamin Lombard’s daughter Suzanne went missing and hasn’t been seen since then.  She left some seriously grieving people and the whole country was on the lookout but no matter –  she was never found but there was some fallout.

Now Lombard is Vice President and running for President and the missing daughter story  has come up in the news again – Suzanne, or her body, must be found.  Oh yes, the Senator’s office and others have  been looking for years, in fact there is a special group looking,  but …

Then one day via computer geekdom up pops someone who seems to know something about Suzanne.  >>>>MORE (no spoilers)>>>> 

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