Between the World and Me

betweenBetween the World and Me
by  Ta-Nehisi Coates
2015 / 178 pages
read by  Ta-Nehisi Coate  – 3h 35m
rating:  9.5  / race relations – memoir 

I was winding up the reading for 2015 but there are a couple short books I really wanted to get read.  Between the World and Me has been on the “best of” lists all over the internet as well as winning the National Book Award for nonfiction.  And then there’s Umberto Eco’s new one,  Numero Zero as well as the older The Gate of Angels (Penelope Fitzgerald) started for a reading group discussion next month.  All this and still 5 days to go before 2016.  Easy-peasy – anything else I can  finish quickly? –  lol –

This book is mainly  a very serious statement on race relations in the US but it’s also partly a memoir – continuing from Coates’ 2008 book, The Struggle.  >>>>MORE>>>> no spoilers 

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