The Dead Key

UnknownThe Dead Key
by D.M. Pulley
2014 / 470 pages
read by Emily Sutton-Smith 13h 42m
rating  B  / crime-suspense
(debut novel)

I really didn’t know what I was getting into with this one but I think someone in a reading group gave it a high rating so I checked it out,  enjoyed the sample, was intrigued by the synopsis and put it on my Audible wish list.   Then,  Dear Reader,   it went on sale.  lol –  What is a good girl to do?

It’s a debut novel and flawed in many ways,  but still,  I enjoyed it.   The characters and suspense kept it going and the premise of the bank abandonment  was interesting.   The reader, Emily Sutton-Smith,  is excellent – I need to see what else has narrated.

The story starts out with a Prologue which I had to go back to later and re-listen because about Chapter 8 I thought I’d missed something.  Nope – that aspect is deliberately ambiguous although there are clues.   This lack of specific information adds a certain suspense to the first half or so after which it definitely clears up. >>>> MORE (no spoilers) >>>>

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