The Skeptic’s Guide to American History

skepticThe Skeptic’s Guide to American History
by Great Courses / Professor Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D.
A lecture given by Professor Mark A. Stoler, Ph.D.
2012 / 12h 01m
Rating: 8.5

This was my third Great Courses lecture – the final one on my e-shelves.   I bought all 3 on sale and was quite happy with the first two after I got used to the reading style of a lecture rather than that of a book – they’re different.  It’s taken me awhile to get through it but today,  after Justice Redeemed it seemed like a good time.

Actually,  I was bored for the first few chapters probably because I majored in US/European  history a very long time ago and have kept reading it as a layman for over 40 years.   So although the work is entitled “The Skeptic’s Guide”  it’s *basically*  the same info I’ve come across over the years.   I suppose that would have been okay but Stoler gives the lecture as though what he’s saying should be an incredible surprise to his listeners – well maybe it is for folks who read American history  for a mandated class 20 years ago and haven’t touched it since.  >>>>MORE (no spoilers) >>>> 

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