Rabbit Run

rabbitRabbit Run
by John Updike
1960 / 336 pages
read by Arthur Morey 12h 5m
Rating:  5 / classic 20th century angst

I got it read – been tempting me for years solely because it’s a series of books  although I couldn’t stand the one Updike I’d managed to struggle through – (The Beauty of the Lilies – 1996).

Anyway – a reading group chose it and I am an obliging member and found it on Audible.  Okay – I’m listening with an ear toward Updike’s literary qualities,   his style,  the metaphors and the other tropes which I suppose is what’s important.  He’s good that way but you do lose the plot – this is apparently a book that needs a couple readings – one for the descriptions,  one for the plot and one for the themes (in whatever order you want). >>>>MORE with no spoilers >>>

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