The Crossing

The Crossincrossingg
by Michael Connelly
2015 / 400 pages
read by Titus Welliver 9h 20m
rating A+  / crime
(#20 in the Harry Bosch series)

I’ve read almost all of the Harry Bosch police procedural series over the years – many years and regularly entertaining.  I caught up a couple years ago and have followed the series as the new novels came out.   I’ve also read the Mickey Haller legal thrillers – good stuff.

But after 20 books,  Harry is getting older and in the prior book was forced to retire.  He’s still gung-ho LAPD, and his half
-brother, Mickey Haller still works as a defense attorney,  the “enemy” as far as Bosch is concerned.  Now Mickey needs Harry’s help with investigations which could free a truly innocent man and Harry wants something to do – hard as it is to “go over to the enemy” if what Haller believes about his client is true is also means a killer is still on the loose – so Bosch’s conscience is mostly relieved.  >>>>MORE>>>

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2 Responses to The Crossing

  1. Pat says:

    What is its rating, Becky?

    Pat Amarillo



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