The Dwarfs

dwarfsThe Dwarfs
by Harold Pinter
published in 1992 but written in the 1950s, 184 pages
Rating:  8  –  mid 20th century lit

I hadn’t read anything by Harold Pinter, who was the recipient of the 2005 Nobel prize in literature until now.   The Committee gave it to Pinter who,  “in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression’s closed rooms.”

Okay – so is that a clue?  We basically have three young men, Len the bus driver,  Mark who is an actor (p. 61)  and Pete, a office clerk  of some kind (p . They all live in the same small apartment which is the usual setting.   Mark insists the room is moving.   and sometimes outside. .There is also a cat in the room but sometimes it goes out – as do the characters.  In fact that’s what they all want – out –  out of the walls of the sexual and emotional limits on their lives.   >>>> MORE>>>>

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