The Hanging Girl

hangingThe Hanging Girl
by Jussi Adler-Olsen  (Danish)
2015 / (512 pages)
read by Graeme Malcolm 15h 37m
Rating  A+ / crime
#6 in the Dept. Q series

I don’t read series books back-to-back,  not normally anyway.  I usually take my time and read about one every 6 months or so unless I’m caught up and then I just wait for the new one –  but look what I did!

And on top of that I have 3 (count them) books to be read before the 1st – for reading groups.  Too bad,  I guess – I’m housecleaning big-time and need my background.  🙂   –  And I won’t finish all 3.

Besides all that – I’m hooked on the continuing characters of the Dept Q novels,  Carl Mørck the detective in charge of Cold Case Files in Copenhagen’s police department,  Assad, his assistant who is apparently exceptional at everything except revealing anything personal,  and Rose … >>>>MORE>>>> 

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