The Heart Goes Last

heartgoesThe Heart Goes Last
by Margaret Atwood  (Canadian)
2015/ 320 pages
read by Cassandra Campbell & Mark Deakins 12h 10m
rating 5  / dystopian fiction

I’ve read 8 of Atwood’s 16 novels – the ones I’ve read are all different and range in genre from historical fiction to contemporary fiction to sci-fi –  I think most of her more recent works might be considered sci-fi  in the dystopian setting sense of the genre but The Penelopiad (2006) takes place in the time of Homer’s Ulysses.  But I did so enjoy the Maddaddam Trilogy,  Blind Assassin,  and Alias Grace.

The Heart Goes Last , more along the lines of The Handmaid’s Tale mixed with Oryx and Crake  could take place next year if Wall Street and the entire economy were to go belly-up.  Homelessness, crime and poverty run amok.  Stan, a robotics engineer,  and his wife Charmaine, who works in geriatrics,  are both unemployed,  live out of their old car while she waitresses in a seedy barroom for eating money.  Their main concern is the various thieves who want the car.   >>>>MORE>>>> 

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