The Kreutzer Sonata

sonataThe Kreutzer Sonata by Leo Tolstoy 1889/  184 pages (novella) rating:  9 –  classic Russian This one is a reread – I recently rejoined the 19th Century reading  group to keep reading classics – Most of their choices are books I’ve not read. The Kreutzer Sonata is a darned good story with historical value (which is mostly why I enjoy classic literature).   Also,  it’s interesting biographically because of Tolstoy’s post-Anna Karenina trauma and spiritual transformation.   Although Anna was not a “good” girl,  during the course of writing her story Tolstoy had fallen a wee bit in love her.  This raised some serious questions in his mind because Tolstoy was, at heart,  a Christian!  How could he write so beautifully about a “fallen woman?”    He struggled with both depression and his core beliefs the result being that he denounced Anna Karenina – his “perfect” novel  – as vanity along with his prior works.   >>>>MORE>>>> 

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