The Hummingbird’s Daughter

hbirdThe Hummingbird’s Daughter
by Luis Alberto Urea
2005 /  528 pages
read by Luis Alberto Urea (the author) 18h 25m
(read and listened)
rating:  9.5 – historical fiction (mystical realism)

I belong to a lot of reading groups where we nominate books and vote on which ones to read and discuss.  I have never nominated a book I’ve read prior but I can’t say that any more.   What happened?

I read Urea’s book 8 or 10 years ago on a friend’s recommendation and loved it.  This past nomination period in the great Bookgroup List I was stumped as to what to nominate – (It’s very difficult to nominate books you’ve never read – like recommending something you’ve never read – gads).  But I realized I really wanted to reread this lovely book and so I caved – nominated something I had read prior. >>>>>MORE>>>>> 

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