The Whites

whitesThe Whites
by Richard Price / Harry Brandt
2015 / 352 -pages
read by  Ari Flakes 10h 30m
rating:  B+ / literary crime

I really enjoyed Lush Life back in 2008 so I was considering reading this one anyway and then the Modern Fiction  group chose it for discussion – great!   (I have no idea why Price wants to go by Brandt although perhaps he knew it didn’t quite live up to Lush Life.

Same setting,  realistic New York cop shop,  Manhattan,  Billy Graves has been a night shift police detective for several years – he doesn’t like it but he works with a group of men he respects – not for sissies.  Billy has his own problems with an RN wife with her own past and who is scared witless for him and an aging ex-cop father with dementia who lives in their home.  He also has two small sons.  >>>MORE>>>

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