A Beautiful Blue Death

Abluedeath Beautiful Blue Death
by Charles Finch
2007 / 336 pages
read by James Langton 8h 58m
rating: B+ / historical crime

Set in London, 1865, Finch seems to capture a kind of 21st century idea of the place and time with historical accuracy and without any anachronisms – (that I noticed).  The protagonist,  Charles Lennox, is a rich bachelor of the amateur variety – solving these little mysteries is a hobby.  This is the first in a series so the main characters are possibly more thoroughly developed than in a standalone.

So now the ex-housemaid of Lady Jane Grey,  Lennox’s his long time friend, has been found dead in the home of her new employer,  George Barnard.  It’s agreed the cause of death was probably of poison but whether or not it was by her own hand or that of another is in dispute.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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