Suspended Sentences

suspendSuspended Sentences
by Patrick Modiano  (French)
2014 / 232 pages
rating – 9.25 / three novellas (autobiographical)

Called the “Marcel Proust of our time”,he won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature “for the art of memory with which he has evoked tvhe most ungraspable human destinies and uncovered the life-world of the occupation”.

This collection of three novellas is based on the life of the author and is taking me a long time to read first because it’s so slow and melancholic but also because I want to really “get into” it,  understand it,  feel the history of it.  But Proust took me a long time, too.   Like À la recherche du temps perdu,  the stories  all have to do with the author’s personal theme of memory and identity – they’re fictionalized autobiographies.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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