My First Murder

UnknownMy First Murder
by Leena Lehtolainen (Finland – translated)
1993/ 2012 Eng. –  251 pages
read by Amy Ruminate 7h 23m
rating: B+ / crime –  police procedural/”who-done-it”
(both read and listened)

Although it was chosen by the 4-Mystery Addicts reading group I was interested in this book because I’m of Finnish ancestry and have cousins there,  have visited there, etc.   Also,  as is evident from this blog,  I really enjoy non-US lit.

Still,  it took me awhile to get into it,  mostly because of the breathy, almost little-girl voice of the 1st person narrator who is working,  if only temporarily, as a lead detective.  It’s like,  “huh?” –  That may be a part of the book, though – young pretty women are often not taken seriously in some jobs.  But what is this,  “soft-boiled”?   She doesn’t “sound like a cop!” lol

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