1177: The Year Civilization Collapsed

11771177:  The Year Civilization Collapsed
by Eric H. Cline
2014 / 253 pages
read by Andy Caploe / 8h 3m
Rating:  8.5  / ancient history-anthropology

I’ve read only a wee tad about Ancient Egypt and the Late Bronze Age,   certainly not enough to be able to really get right into and up to speed in this fascinating book. I’d never even heard of the “Sea Peoples.”  But this intriguing tale is  about  how Egypt’s civilization in the times of of Ramses III was overwhelmed by  the “Sea Peoples”  which added to other catastrophes of the times resulted in the end of the Bronze Age.  Reading the book was both challenging and enlightening and it took me awhile to get comfortable with the multitude of names and places.  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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