A Tale for the Time Being x2

ataleforthetimebeingA Tale for the Time Being x2
by Ruth Ozeki  (Canada)
2013 / 422 pages
read by Ruth Ozeki 14h 43m
rating – 8 / fiction

This is a re-read because although I read it for the Booker Group back in June 2014,  the Cafe reading group was discussing it now and I was really NOT remembering very well.  I mainly remembered that I had mixed feelings –  I enjoyed parts of it and not other parts – I was confused for some of the book,  and annoyed by other parts  and then – ta-da – I was devouring other parts of it. My review was kind of wish-washy and I didn’t put in the parts that really turned me off (the teen sex and the  Japanese military stuff).

In the  most recent discussion someone made the comment that  Ozeki tried to cover too many things  and I didn’t remember it that way,  but I really did feel the need to reread it because I didn’t even remember >>>>MORE>>>> 

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