The Master Butcher’s Singing Club

TheMasterButchersSingingClubThe Master Butcher’s Singing Club
by Louise Erdrich
2003 / 416 pages
read by Louise Erdrich 16h 42m
rating 7,5 (but it might be better than that – )

I’ve enjoyed Erdrich’s books ever since The Beet Queen in 1986.  I read Love Medicine,  her first and most famous book later – like only a few years ago – and I’m a fan – usually.  Not every one of her books lives up to the wonder of Love Medicine.

With Love Medicine and its group of related books, Erdrich created a community in northern North Dakota on and near the Turtle Mountain Reservation in a way similar to Faulkner’s community in Yoknapatawpha,  Mississippi.   The other books *mostly* all have something, in some way, to do with the families and others who live on the Reservation.  The Master Butcher’s Singing Club takes place in a small town just south of the Reservation and there is a character named Cyprian Lazarre there – >>>>MORE>>>>

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