Involuntary Witness

involuntaryInvoluntary Witness
by Gianrico Carofiglio  (Italian)
translated by Patrick Creagh
2002 /290 pages
read by Sean Barrett 7h 30m
rating:  B+ / crime –  legal thriller

This is the first book in the Guido Guerrieri series – it takes place in Italy so the court system is somewhat different, but the plot is based on the same sort of thing as murder mysteries everywhere.  Evidence is evidence,  judges are judges and witnesses are witnesses.

This is NOT a page-turner,  Guido is a very introspective man, we could call him brooding,  and naturally has to have a personal life.   (Bo-ring)  A recently divorced attorney our hero drinks too much and is  interested in the new woman next door (ho-hum).  >>>>MORE>>>>

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2 Responses to Involuntary Witness

  1. Nicoletta says:

    I love Carofiglio! You should read “the silence of the wave” is beautiful. And when it will available in English “il bordo vertiginoso delle cose”


  2. I see I have 3 Carofiglio books to go before I get to The Silence of the Wave which is available in English, but it’s not in Audio. I’ll likely get to it as the writing is nice and it looks like it’s an intelligent series. Thanks!


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