The Girl on the Train

girlontraThe Girl on the Train
by Paula Hawkins
2015 / 326  pages
Read by  Clare Corbett, Louise Brealey, India Fisher / 10h 59m
Rating:  A / crime (thriller)

Something happened to Rachel but she can’t remember what it was – she was drunk as usual.  And the woman she knew as Jess (Rachel made up that name for her)  is missing – somewhere – and Rachel saw something … while she was – oh no – bothering Tom, her ex-husand,  who lives very near Jess and her husband “Jason,”  with Tom’s new wife,  Anne.  Rachel used to live in Tom’s house – but now she lives with a roommate and is about to get kicked out of there for drinking in the same way she was fired from her job for drinking – really,  it’s about what she does while drunk that gets her in trouble.  But when the story opens Rachel takes the train in to London every day,  pretending to have a job there,  so the roommate won’t get suspicious,  but en route one day she saw something –  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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