The Meaning of Human Existence

meaningThe Meaning of Human Existence
by Edward O. Wilson
2013 / 208 pages
read by Jonathan Hogan 5h 6m
rating – 8.5  / nonfiction – science philosophy
(I both read and listened to this one)

Read for the All-Nonfiction reading group I was certainly not sure what I was getting into when I started this book.  I started reading the Kindle version but realized I could probably  listen to it and use the Kindle as back-up for little missed places or to clarify or whatever.  It worked quite nicely – I do a read/listen every so often.

So what is this  very interesting book about?  Well – I could rephrase that somewhat ambiguous title to   “Why Do Humans Exist?”   and it might get closer to the ambiguity.  The question of  why humans exist has two ways of answering. We have the “why” in the sense of  “for what purpose?”    >>>>MORE>>>> 

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