Murder She Wrote: A Question of Murder

murdershewroteMurder She Wrote: A Question of Murder
by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain
2006/292 pages
Read by Cynthia Darlow 6h 47m
Rating:  B-  / crime / cozy

This was on my wish list for awhile because I loved the Murder She Wrote TV series.  Then it turned up on sale at Audible and … well… what’s a good girl to do?  I caved.

This is a sweet little romp through a cozy who-done-it,  not real “bad guys,”  clean murders – a gunshot, poison, an “accident” are the hallmarks of these mysteries.  The mystery is of the “who-done-it” variety and it’s usually solved by amateurs although the police are called in. >>>>MORE>>>>

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