Mrs. Queen Takes the Train x2

mrsqueenMrs. Queen Takes the Train
by William Kuhn
2012 / 384 pages
Read by Simon Prebble 9h 33m
Rating:  8 / fun fiction

Okay – in part because William Kuhn, the author,  is going to be (is/was) available at the reading group where his book has been chosen for discussion 12/16-12/31,  I decided to re-read  Mrs Queen Takes the Train.   I often read books two or even three times.  The first time with this book I  listened only and I then I started to re-listen,  but it’s clumsy because the changes in point of view within the chapters aren’t terribly well delineated on the Audible version at all – just a tiny bit little longer pause.  (Simon Prebble’s voice is great though!)  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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