The Children Act

childrenThe Children Act
by Ian McEwan
2013 / 221 pages
Rating:  8/ fiction

When a court determines any question with respect to … the upbringing of a child … the child’s welfare shall be the court’s paramount consideration. —SECTION 1( A), THE CHILDREN ACT, 1989  (Epigraph)


British High Court judge Fiona Maye sees a lot of unhappiness in the Family Division where she has to decide the fates of children who have been abused,  are the subject of custody battles and so on.   The case which concerns her throughout this book is when  the parents’  Jehovah’s Witness beliefs regarding blood transfusions  interfere with the *necessary*  medical treatment of their teen-age son – even when the boy is really a young man and only a few weeks  >>>>MORE>>>> 

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