The Amazing Mrs Pollifax

pollifaxThe Amazing Mrs Pollifax
by Dorothy Gillman
1970 / read by Barbara Rosenblat 6h  34m
rating B- / crime
(book 2 in the Mrs Pollifax series)

Well … it was on sale and the sample sounded intriguing.  I’ve just finished two rather dark crime novels and I really feel like something a lot lighter –  a cozy perhaps – but not too cozy,  just fun.

Mrs Emily Pollifax is an undercover CIA agent, so when her agency contact phones her and indicates his immediate need for her assistance,  well … what’s a good widow,  grandmother and active garden club member to do?   She boards the next flight to Turkey where her assignment is to assist a recently defected Soviet spy get to the US.  Mrs Pollifax has passports and money for Magda Ferenci-Sabo,  but although she is glimpsed at one point,  actually finding her is difficult and getting her to safety is tricky what with a double-agent bad-guy and gypsies.

This is a fun little spy novel but I really wasn’t all that take with it for some reason.  ?

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